Psalm 121:2-3

My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.  He will not let your foot slip, he who watches over you will not slumber.

Our daughter’s life has always been day by day dealing with sickness, pain, complications, hospital stays, among other challenges. As we find ourselves in the hospital with her once again, sitting in a room, listening to IV beeps and moans of pain and bed motors and doctors with no answers for the rare unknown complexities, we helplessly watch our sweet girl struggling – just wanting to be better, wanting a life like a 19 year old should have.  The days are long, the complications never seem to end, we feel alone…. where does our help come from?

God promises, “My help comes from the Lord”, “He who watches over you will not slumber”.  

Psalm 121 was memorized by our daughter in a 3rd grade speech meet when she could attend school and her wonderful heart knew then that she needed, and would always need the help of the Lord to live her life that she did not choose.  She has taught us along the way to do the same…and to this day, we hold tight to God’s word knowing that He will watch over us day and night, our coming and going, both now and forevermore.

So many small blessings have been put in our path at just the right time, wonderful nurses who come to see us when we return to the floor for yet another unexpected stay, friends showing up with a meal when we plan to have cereal, a dedicated doctor who is determined to get to the bottom of the pain finds a rare test to finally show that our daughter’s pain is real… so many blessings… where does our help come from?

We will continue to cling to the promises in scripture that the God of comfort and knowledge provides for the times we feel we have no hope. We will hold tight to His Word for the times there is no supernatural comfort, voice or change in circumstance but instead the faith needed to know His Word is Truth!

Lord, we pray for all of your children to know your truth in scripture knowing that you are the “go to” for everything even in the midst of chaos, trouble, adversity and suffering.  We thank you for always watching over us and never slumbering and being the continual help that we need.

– Jeff and Tracy Mottice